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Stoic Day

Stoic Day is an app that brings the wisdom of Stoicism to your daily life. With a daily quote from a Stoic master, the app helps you embrace virtues like self-control and tolerance. You can also access random quotes, add widgets to your home screen, and receive daily quote notifications.

RPG Dice Bag

This app allowing you to roll various dice with real sounds and haptic feedback. The app features a simple interface, 10 different themes, and an Apple Watch app. It's the perfect tool for quick and easy dice rolling, bringing the excitement of tabletop gaming to your fingertips.

Hexa Timer

Designed to enhance focus and motivation using the Pomodoro technique. By working in concentrated time blocks with short breaks, users can relieve anxiety, improve focus, and increase motivation. The app features a minimalist interface, background operation, sound notifications, and customizable time blocks.


Explore stoic wisdom with Senetus, your AI stoic guide. Dive into meaningful conversations, access multilingual teachings, and enjoy an intuitive interface. Ideal for those seeking personal growth and resilience. Embrace a balanced life with Senetus.